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Within the framework of the Puerta de Alcalá restoration project, the Madrid City Council, through the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports, will enable more than 6,500 parking spaces starting next Monday, April 3 at 10:00 a.m. citizens can once again participate in the “Open for restoration” guided tour program.

On this occasion, the program will provide first-hand knowledge of the conservation-restoration work promoted by the City Council since January 2023. This initiative, which has already allowed more than 4,000 people to climb the scaffolding during the summer months of last year in the phase of previous studies, will promote direct knowledge of the recovery work of the monument.

To participate in the visits, which will take place on the weekends of May, June, July and September, it is essential to register in advance on the web

Along with the free guided tours, the Department of Culture and Tourism has set up a specific web page for the “Open for Restoration” program that will bring the main developments of the project closer to those citizens who cannot participate in the guided tours. The microsite will act as “Open for virtual restoration ” and, thanks to him, it will be possible to enjoy, until the work is finished, one of the most unique heritage preservation projects undertaken by the council in recent years.

With this same spirit of trying to bring the restoration process closer to the citizens, a vinyl with images of the main sculptural ensembles currently under treatment has been installed on the construction fence that surrounds the Gate. Under the slogan “We take care of the Landscape of Light” the City Council intends to bring the people of Madrid closer to one of the most unique World Heritage assets, in one of the most extraordinary moments in its history.