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The Visitor Centre

To ensure you don’t miss anything during your visit to the Landscape of Light, we suggest you explore the Visitor Centre, located in CentroCentro, in the Palacio de Cibeles (Cibeles Palace). The Visitor Centre provides detailed information on the values that have earned this unique cultural landscape a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Panels, videos, and tablets will introduce you to the history, art, nature, science, the universal model, and everything that justifies the Outstanding Universal Value of the Landscape of Light.

You can also enjoy a model of the Landscape of Light combined with a video-map so that you can observe, through a splendid montage of light and colour, the evolution of the property over the centuries.

And don’t miss the exhibits of the guest institution! Every six months, one of the entities in the Landscape of Light lends us some items so that we can become better acquainted with their immense value.

And, of course, brochures and maps will be available in several languages.

Final visit to the Visitor Center photography on November 16, 2022
Final visit to the Visitor Center photography on November 16, 2022
Final visit to the Visitor Center photography on November 16, 2022

Top: Final visit to the Visitor Center on November 16, 2022.

The Madrid City Council GeoPortal

The Geoportal is the main channel through which Madrid City Council distributes spatial data. It aims to provide citizens with a tool to access, view and download municipal geographic information.

The Landscape of Light has its place in Geoportal, and you can use its viewer to observe and analyse the various geo-localised indicators that monitor the Landscape of Light.

The layers icon allows you to activate demographic, environmental, mobility, visitor, and other geographic data.

The Landscape of Light Treasure Hunt

Do you like riddles, tracing clues and solving mysteries? If so, we challenge you to join the Landscape of Light treasure hunt. To win this game, you must decipher twenty cards related to places in the Landscape of Light. It won’t be easy, though. You’ll have to use your wits and skills to solve these challenges. Are you up for it?

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76 images from the Landscape of Light

Light, the presence of Nature surrounding unique buildings, sculptures, and spaces of great cultural, political, and social significance are the values underlying the Landscape of Light and the source of inspiration for the work of the 7 photographers who have taken the 76 images in this gallery.

Videos from the Landscape of Light

Press kit

Download the Landscape of Light press material (press releases, a selection of high-resolution images, videos and more information):