Colegio Notarial de Madrid

Casa-Palacio de Don Juan Manuel González-Longoria

The building was originally commissioned by Manuel Fernández Longoria to the architect José Marañón to build his residence. Acquired by the Notaries’ Association of Madrid for its headquarters in 1925, its volume and exterior composition remain intact. It includes the architect’s usual design resources: exposed brick walls on a granite stone plinth, as required by regulations, cantilevers, corbels, jambs, lintels and some parapets on the main floor, including the one at the top of the door to Calle de Juan de Mena, made of white stone, a body of superimposed iron and glass viewpoints, adapted to the circular shape of the chamfer, and overhanging eaves with wooden modillions, which form part of the whole. It has two entrances, one for each street, with a similar solution via a portal with a semi-circular arch.

Colegio Notarial de Madrid photograph