Himalayan weeping pine

Pinus wallichiana (Real Jardín Botánico)

A tree up to thirty-five metres high, with a majestic, pyramidal bearing and greyish, smooth bark that cracks over the years. The leaves are bluish green, thin but stiff; they appear in fascicles of five, dense at the apexes of the branchlets, forming hanging bunches. The male flowers form greenish sprigs. The female flowers are clustered in small cones located at the apex of the branchlets. Mature cones measure between eight and fifteen centimetres in length, are resinous and occur solitary or in groups. This specimen has reached a height of twenty-three and a half metres, with a crown diameter of eight metres and a trunk perimeter of one metre thirty centimetres. It is estimated to be forty-five years old.

Himalayan weeping pine photograph

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