Monumento a los hermanos Álvarez Quintero

This is a large sculptural-architectural composition that forms a circular plaza, dedicated to the brothers Serafín and Joaquín Álvarez Quintero, (1871-1938 and 1873-1944, respectively). It is attributed to the sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera, although it was completed in 1932 by his son and successor Federico Coullaut. It was inaugurated on December 2, 1934 by the mayors of Madrid and Seville, during the life of the two honorees, represented at the act by the actress Concha Catalá, who read the words of the writers on their behalf. The tombstone is the work of the sculptor Juan de los Ríos Quintero, a cousin of the literati.

Monumento a los hermanos Álvarez Quintero photograph