Puerta de la Independencia

Jardines del Buen Retiro

This gate enables visitors to enter the Retiro Park from the Plaza de la Independencia. It is composed of three openings that are closed with metal railings. The central one is much wider, between large stone pillars; the two middle ones are monumental, configured outwards by double fluted columns on pedestals and inwards by pilasters of the same Doric order, jutting out slightly from the back wall, extending their ashlar bonding. These pillars feature an entablature with its architrave, a frieze with triglyphs and plain metopes and a cornice and are topped with a sculptural composition on a tiered base, consisting of two children, one sitting and the other holding a vase of fruit. The side pillars are similar to the central ones, but have only one column and their corresponding pilaster and no upper sculptural composition.

Jardines del Buen Retiro photograph, taken by Antonello Dellanotte

© Antonello Dellanotte