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On May 23, the Education and Generational Renewal working group of the Civic and Social Council of the Landscape of Light held a meeting at the Villa Archive attended by Gloria Donato for the Villa Archive, Aurora Mateos Puente and Berta Domínguez Muriel for Ramón y Cajal Schools, Nuria Tarancon Olaya for Historical Institutes, Sergio De la Fuente for UNESCO Associated Schools, Elmarina Binder Samways and Henar Moros Infiesta for JH Newman International School and Audberto San Gregorio Cid for Getafe-Madrid Association for UNESCO.

The following topics were on the agenda: UNESCO World Heritage, projects of the UNESCO Schools network, projects of UNESCO Centres, projects of schools, schools and institutes of the Community of Madrid and projects of the Madrid City Council.
The meeting ended with the purpose of preparing examples of didactic guides on the “Treasures” of the Landscape of Light that they wish to sponsor.

The Civic and Social Council is an innovative participatory body and the elaboration of proposals related to the Landscape of Light. It is articulated by seven working groups in which they speak, debate and contribute ideas to the project. These groups deal with different topics that affect the Landscape of Light. Anyone who wants to contribute to the work of the Civic and Social Council and commit to work for the Landscape of Light, can join the working groups that best suit their interests by writing to