Fuente de Neptuno

Like the others in the Prado, this fountain is attributed to a project by the architect Ventura Rodríguez for the sculptural adornment and provision of fountains on the Paseo; today it occupies the centre of the roundabout in the Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo. This monumental fountain is made up of a large circular basin containing two other large concentric circular pools, crowned by the sculptural group of the God Neptune, holding a metal trident in one hand and a snake in the other, on a chariot, with wheels of blades and adorned with seashells, drawn by horses with marine tails, all on a recreation of the waves of the sea. The different water jets round off and embellish the ensemble: one from the front of the chariot, emerging from a triton located behind the figure of the God; three more tritons at the front and two vertical jets flanking the group.

Fuente de Neptuno photograph, taken by Miguel Sánchez-Moñita

© Miguel Sánchez-Moñita