Iglesia de San José

The current church of San José was originally conceived as the temple of the convent of San Hermenegildo, of the Discalced Carmelites, designed in the mid-18th century in Baroque style. Following its disendowment in 1837 and the demolition of the convent, the church availed itself of the then nearby parish of San José. The main altar preserves a neoclassical altarpiece with Corinthian columns that frame a niche with a quarter sphere. Entry into the church is through a beautiful portico with three large openings that leads to a narthex covered by interesting decorated vaults, especially the flat circular vaults at the ends. Last but not least, the façade combines brick-imitation plaster with stone elements, among which the portal stands out, which follows Ribera’s models with a succession of so characteristic oculi, rosettes, cartouches, niches and windows. It is framed by two extremely high-banded pilasters that end in a split triangular pediment.

Iglesia de San José photograph