Monumento a Francisco de Goya

Since 1946, the statue of this great painter has held a prominent place in front of the northern façade of the Prado Museum, after successive locations from the time when Alberto Aguilera, the Mayor of Madrid, chose the sculptor Mariano Benlliure for its materialization in 1902.

The memorial is composed of a base, pedestal and the statue itself. This free-standing, full-length work portrays Goya at a mature age, dressed in the fashion of the early nineteenth century, with a long overcoat, trousers, waistcoat, neckerchief and strong boots. His left hand is holding a hat against his chest, while his right is resting on a cane, allowing him to move his leg forward slightly. Benlliure’s mastery achieves a high degree of realism, highlighting Goya’s serene, firm face, with his confident gaze looking straight ahead, brilliantly conveying his legendary genius.

Monumento a Francisco de Goya photograph, taken by Fernando Madariaga

© Fernando Madariaga